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Since it’s established in 1970, Kaori’s major goal is to pursue the cutting edge heat treatment technology and to manufacture world class products.

Kaori has kept on improving its technology and quality, investing in research and development, and introducing the latest thermal technologies.

Since 1992, based on its core technologies in heat treatment, brass welding and vacuum brazing, Kaori has developed industrial key components such as brazed plate heat exchanger, sendzimir mill roller with its own brand name.

In recent years, Kaori has cooperated with several worldwide well-known companies to develop and manufacture system products in energy saving and hydrogen energy.

Kaori is actively stepping into green energy market and becoming a green energy company.

Kaori’s production activity has evolved over time from “energy utilization” to “energy savings”, and further to today’s “energy production”.

It shows Kaori’s commitment toward protecting our environment and the Earth, and creating a new green energy world with our partners together.

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ID INSERT DEAL designs and markets regulators, filters and lubricators for gaseous and liquid fluids.

Our company can meet your needs through careful design service, ensuring the quality along the production in all its stages, checking and testing each product before delivery.

Continuous updating, innovations, new design philosophies, use in the construction of aluminum alloys, brass, bronze, stainless steel AISI 316, can satisfy most needs.

INSERT DEAL products are present in following industries:

Chemical, petrochemical, electronics, firefighting equipment, laboratories, analysis and research, industrial plant engineering, medical facilities and hospitals.

INSERT DEAL proposes his great program for the multiple needs of the market.

INSERT DEAL has 20 years of experience.

INSERT DEAL ID is a company certified ISO 9001:2000. The products are available with ATEX and PED certification

Product Overview Insert Deal